How The Right Lower Back Cushion Design Can Relieve Back Pain?

In 1968 Dr. John Fiore designed his first lower back cushion in an effort to help relieve the pain and suffering of his patients, and since then they have been used to ease the pain of countless people. He made the first ones using an electric knife to cut and shape rubber foam, and then he gave them to his patients to see how effective they were. When the patients used them consistently, they noticed a considerable difference in their back pain, to the extent that many offered to purchase them from him so they could have one of their own. Back support cushions have evolved and changed since then, to the point that different companies currently have more than 50 different models, each designed for specific conditions. The following descriptions of models should help you get a general idea of what is available, and what you might need.

The model based on the original version is still the most popular choice of people with serious back pain, is designed to be used in bench and straight back styled chairs, and relieves disc pressure, fatigue, and other problems. The design, which consists of one piece of molded polyurethane foam and a 2-plane shape that provide lateral and vertical support, permits it to do this.

For people whose vehicles have bucket style seats, or who sit in curved back chairs, thinner cushions are stocked. The essential design of this cushion is the same as the original, but with a less pronounced slope since the curved back of the chairs already has a slight one.

For chairs and bucket seats that have less of a curve, there is another, thicker, style of lower back cushion available to help back pain sufferers. It is also slightly less contoured than the original design, since many automotive seats have a slight lumbar curve.

For people with broader backs and shoulders there is a wider design available that provides the same amount of support and comfort. This is ideal for back pain sufferers who prefer a little more space to move around while they work, drive in their car, and do other similar activities.

Secretaries and others who use open backed chairs can’t use a standard styled lower back cushion, since they slide out the back. To prevent this from happening, there are special models that have straps on the back of the cushion that keep it firmly in place.

For people who travel a lot, carrying around a standard styled low back support cushion is often impractical, which is why most companies make foldable travel designs that can be carried in a purse, briefcase, or pockets available to clients. They are easily inflated, and may be blown up until they are as firm as the user would like.

There are lots of lower back support cushions designs available in the market today. To learn more information about them, go to lower back cushion and lower back support cushion.

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