Help From Jacksonville Laser Doctor Offers Gentle Nail Fungus Therapy

While nearly everyone wants to look their best, a fungal infection of the nails can ruin the appearance of the toes or fingers. When summer arrives and it is time for sandals, those with this type of infection often keep their feet in closed toe shoes. With the help of Jacksonville toenail fungus therapy it is possible to have great looking feet for the summer.

A fungal infection causes nails to grow thick and discolored, an ugly yellow. The infected nail grows crooked and thick, with a dead look to it. Most with this condition take special precautions to ensure the toes are covered whenever possible.

Fungal infections are easily caught. They thrive in many wet environments, including locker rooms and nail salons. The organism can enter one’s nail when one is having a cuticle trimming or if the nail is injured. Even cracks on the skin’s surface near one’s nail can allow the infection of a nail.

Once the infection takes over the nail, controlling it can often be difficult. Many try topical medications to find they are unable to penetrate a nail and kill the living infection. Oral medications offer more effective control; however, the undesirable side effects they cause include possible liver damage.

Recently, the FDA has approved a new device to help control the growth. This laser light passes through the nail to kill the existing infection. At the current time, no side effects have been reported from the use of the machine. Once the infection dies, the nail grows back healthy and transparent.

Jacksonville toenail fungus therapy prevents the embarrassment due to fungal infection. The therapy allows a nail to return healthy and clear. It is able to penetrate under the nail to kill the fungal infection. Unlike many oral pills, there are no undesirable side effects for a patient.

Get details about the reasons why you should consult a Jacksonville toenail fungus treatment professional and more information about a well-respected physician who specializes in laser medicine at now.

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