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In all types of skin cancer, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is an important factor in its appearance. Today I’m going to share the symptoms of skin cancer. Remember, it is crucial for you to know that the earlier you detect skin cancer or suspicious spots, the better. This can be the key to successful treatment of the disease.

To better understand which are the most common symptoms of skin cancer, I’ll show it in two different types of skin cancer:

1) No-melanoma cancer: Although this one is not dangerous of painful, it can be found as a small and shiny lump (or mole), sometimes pale in color and texture. You can also recognize it as a red and firm lump, a sore or spot that bleeds or become crusty and non healing wounds. This can be scaly patches of skin that are red or brown. If you experience any growth of these things, please consult to a dermatologist as quickly as possible.

2) Melanoma cancer: Once you detect any change in size, shape, color and / or texture of a mole in your skin, don’t think twice that this can be a possible symptom of melanoma. It is usually detected as a portion of the surface of black or blue-black. Yet it may also show as a new spot where there was not, usually black with abnormal appearance.

It is extremely essential to check your skin periodically so to proceed to its diagnosis and treatment at an early stage of development. Otherwise, there is a risk that the cancer cells can grow under the skin surface and spread. But you can ask “how can I do that?”. There are two ways to do so.

1) Skin examination: When you go to a doctor or nurse, they will check your skin for any existence of bumps or spots that look abnormal in color, size, texture or shape.

2) Biopsy: When the doctor found an abnormal-looking growth in your skin, it is totally or partially removed. After that, a pathologist check it under a microscope in order to find possible presence of cancer cells. There are three main types of skin biopsies:

-Shave biopsy: A sterile razor blade to “shave” the abnormal-looking growth is used.

-Punch biopsy: It is necessary to use a special instrument called a punch to remove a circle of tissue from the abnormal- looking growth.

-Excisional biopsy: A scalpel is used, in order to remove the entire growth.

You need to know your skin all the time. The greatest part is that a skin test may not take more than 10 minutes. If you want to live longer, share with your family and loved ones, take some time for you to know your skin. That’s your health, and you deserve it.

I hope you found this information very useful. Spread the voice and share this article to everyone you know, because anybody can be detected with skin cancer.

Blessings and best of success!

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