Get Rid Of Those Skin Tags While Protecting Yourself

For those who are not aware what skin tags are, they are basically small and loose skin growths that choose to appear in any part of the body. Skin tags can be found more frequently on your neck, breasts or armpits. Skin tags growth can be seen in all ages but it is very common in the middle aged people. Skin tags are also very common among pregnant women due to fluctuations in hormone levels. Now the question is: how can one be free of skin tags while staying fully protected?

There are various ways by which you can get rid of skin tags naturally. Cut them off using a sterilized pair of scissors. Nail clippers would also do. When you cut off the skin with a scissor may cause you with a little pain. Alternatively, you can tie up the skin tag with a string or with a dental floss around it to stop the blood flow in these tags. The process of drying up of the skin tag because of this will actually be painless. You won’t feel a twinge when it eventually falls off.

Did you know that cider vinegar or clear nail polish could also be used to remove skin tags? Soak the skin tags with a cotton swab dipped in cider vinegar or clear nail polish. Use a Band-Aid to keep the swab in place overnight. Certain herbs can also be used to reduce the tags. If you want an effective herb, you can use bloodroot, a red-colored plant. With a Band-Aid, secure the herb directly over the skin tags you want removed. This self treatment is very effective and it will last for a couple of days and then will fall off naturally. It’s a different story with larger skin tags. It may take a little longer for them to completely vanish. Certain oils are also known to have an effective skin tag-removing properties. Among them are tea tree oil and castor oil. Since tea tree oil is very easy to apply, you can make the application a number of times in a day. Take some castor oil, mix it with baking soda and stir until you come up with a paste. You can then very simply apply this paste to the tag and can leave it until the tag falls off.

You can certainly do a number of things to make sure that skin tags do not grow on any part of your body. See to it that you do not become overweight since there is a tendency to be sensitive to skin tags if this happens. Stay fit by getting a lot of exercise and keeping your body lean, limber and supple. It is not a poor hygiene habit and you must keep your skin clean to prevent these tags from growing. In case of dry skin, you can use skin moisturizers which will prevent all of your skin problems. Skin tags are more likely to occur in irritated skin. Case in point: skin tags appear mostly in the underarm, breast, and groin area because they are often subjected to irritation.

You must avoid such irritations to get rid of these skin tags. Pregnant women are advised to wear loose and airy clothes throughout their pregnancy. Tight fitting underwear? Forget them. Choose to wear boxers instead. Maximum protection against skin tags will be achieved if you observe any, or all, of these.

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