Finding An Honest Dysmenorrhea Treatment

The threat of painful periods is prevalent in most women. These terrible periods can span a longer time that most other women’s menstrual cycles. A dysmenorrhea sufferer may struggle with making it through a painful period. Pain can last all month long. Seeking help may make you feel alone because no one quiet understands the pain that you are going through. That may make it seem like dysmenorrhea treatment is impossible.

Dysmenorrhea can range from mild discomfort to extreme, debilitating pain. One of the worst complications of painful periods is that they are not well understood or respected by the general public, or even by some doctors. Because most women menstruate and many suffer from cramps, the severe pain that often occurs is not validated. This misunderstanding can leave the sufferer feeling alone and losing confidence in the ability to overcome.

There are drugs that can be prescribed for the pain. These drugs target overall pain and often have a heavy sedative effect. Side effects for these types of pills may be harsh. Heavy nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and sleepiness are common when taking pain pills. They are also common side effects of severe cramps, so taking pills may not seem like a viable option.

Ibuprofen type nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pills are helpful with inflammation. Be careful when taking any drug or eating during pain. Migraineurs should know that digestion can be halted during an attack and make throwing up anything consumed highly likely. Sometimes vomiting can stop the menstrual migraine.

Warming the affected area with a heating pad can offer great relief. Applying the warmth to the area of pelvic pain soothes the cramps as well as comforts the sufferer when she needs it most. A cold pack can help with inflammation. Alternating between heating pads and cold compresses can speed up the recovery process, or at least make you feel like you are taking control.

Supplements, like B-vitamins, are helpful for women. Along with calcium and magnesium, these supplements help with PMS, which can make it harder to deal with the cramps. Potassium is good to restore an ion balance in the body. Maintain homeostasis as often as possible to prevent cramps and other health problems.

Pain that your body creates can be miserable. It is common to feel like a slave to the pain. Remember, to overcome these painful periods, you must believe that you have power over what happens to you. This pain may make you wretch, bawl, and scream. It may seem like the body is trapping you into a realm of hell and torture. This is when your mind becomes your most powerful tool in overcoming period pain.

Relaxation techniques can help you take control of your body. Try a mirror therapy, where you stare into the mirror, keeping eye contact with yourself. This can help keep you grounded and realize that you are not going to die, that you can make it to a moment without pain. Other techniques can help take your mind out of your body to wait out the pain.

There is a such thing as dysmenorrhea treatment. Do not let your doctors give up hope on you or allow them to consider you just another menstrual case. Remember that too many women suffer from menstrual pain, but your pain still means something. Find a support system to keep your confidence up and to validate your feelings. Use various techniques to help you through pain.

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