A Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance Can Be A Boon

A person who suffers from lack of proper rest might well wish to raise three cheers when he first hears about a sleep apnea dental appliance. It may seem to him like a long overdue solution to a problem that has probably existed for a very long time without an adequate solution having been found. He will most probably respond to the words with keen interest.

Sleep apnea is a condition that prevents people from getting the restorative repose that they need. Many times throughout every night a sufferer stops breathing properly. As a result he has a panic reaction, gets a dose of adrenaline and wakes up before reaching the ‘rapid eye movement’ phase of deep rest that is well known to ‘ravel up the sleeve of care’.

It is often said that there is a world wide epidemic of obesity and diabetes due to the quality of life led in the twenty-first century. After years of overeating and insufficient exercise middle aged men in particular tend to develop physical characteristics that make them prone to sleep disorders. However, young people and those who are in good physical condition might also fall foul of the problem.

Doctors are now able to diagnose sleep apnea very readily. As soon as an overweight patient walks in mumbling about diabetes the doctor will look for symptoms of the condition which is often associated with changing body conformation. He may show the patient a video in which a tosses, turns and throws his blankets about while in a restless state of repose. Soon the patient will identify a condition that he may have taken for granted before seeing the doctor.

When his wife nudges him tenderly in the back at two o’clock in the morning he is likely to respond with nothing more than an exhausted grunt because he has not had proper sleep. His children will feel the sharp edge of his tongue at breakfast time. At work he will feel listless and inclined to nod off to sleep around midday due to his lifestyle problems.

A person who is prescribed such treatment may experience severe problems. Sleeping partners might turn away in disgust as he clambers into bed with a heavy mask strapped to his face and attached to a blowing machine on a bedside table. The mask may slip or a pipe may become dislodged during the night. His throat might seem as dry as desert sands as a result of the air stream blowing continuously up his nose.

Those who have difficulty with CPAP therapy may consider the alternative of mandibular advancement with interest. It involves only a custom made splint which is much more convenient that a mask and a machine. It may not be much different from wearing a gum guard at sport.

It is self explanatory why victims of this malady will be very interested in a sleep apnea dental appliance. Fitted by a specialist dental expert it may present a simple and effective alternative to the cumbersome CPAP method. With the configuration of the mouth and jaw subtly altered by a gum guard a person may sink into a deep, long lasting repose and awake after five hours feeling as fresh as morning dew.

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