The Role Of A Nurse Expert Witness

Most people associate nurses and nursing with Florence Nightingale, an almost angelic figure who laid down foundations of the practice. They provide care within limits prescribed by a doctor, a reason why many people associate them with mercy, love, care and so on. One would hardly associate them with a court of law, where as a nurse expert witness, they can play a role.

A normal observer is called a lay onlooker. Their role is to present facts about a case. They are legally not allowed to then present an opinion on those points. In contrast, skilled witnesses can.

He or she also needs to have practiced for a certain period of time. This improves the credibility of their testimony should they ever be called to give it. It is also essential that they should not have previous criminal records, even if those are eventually disproved; there should not even be a whiff of misconduct about them.

This helps them interpret their know how in a way that is useful to a court of law. To qualify as knowledgeable viewer, a registered harbor needs to undergo beyond lawful training. In addition, they should not have a criminal record, and should have practiced for several years.

There are still nurses, and in that context they provide care under the supervision of a physician or other examination specialist legitimately, they are allowed to operate independently under certain circumstances. They also review health records and determine the quality of care and how this can be improved.

Their expertise is not limited to hospitals and courtrooms. They can be called upon by private investigators, accreditation organizations and so on. At the end of the day, they are still nurses, and provide care under instruction from a medical professional, or in certain circumstances, independently. And once in a while, one will be called to be a nurse expert witness.

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