The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine, also referred to as iboga, is a psychedelic compound made from an African plant. The drug has been used for centuries, but it has received special attention from some people in the health care community over the past 50 years. Researchers first began to study it in the early 1960s, as they suspected it may offer benefits to those who were addicted to heroin or cocaine, or dependent on other illegal opiates. A substantial amount of controversy surrounds ibogaine treatment, and for this reason opinions among those in the medical community vary greatly from one professional to the next.

Certain researchers believe that iboga can lessen the severity of the detoxification side effects commonly experienced by those withdrawing from narcotics. However, because it is classified as a hallucinogenic substance, many experts believe that those who pursue such treatment may become dependent on iboga, and therefore are simply trading one addiction for another. Proponents of the substance strongly disagree with this opinion.

Most patients withdrawing from opiates experience severe headaches, chills, anxiety, body aches and other symptoms. Therapy centers that use ibogaine report that it keeps patients more comfortable and alleviates numerous symptoms during the detoxification phase.

In some countries, such as Germany and the United States, iboga is classified as an illegal drug that offers no medical benefits. It is also illegal in certain countries because it contains psychedelic properties. This classification is vehemently opposed by those who operate or work in treatment centers where it is used. Such individuals claim a high rate of success among their clients.

Proponents of ibogaine claim that when the substance is administered, which is done under medical supervision, the individual will usually hallucinate for as long as five hours. Fans of iboga believe that during these psychedelic episodes patients can assess themselves and better understand the circumstances leading up to their dependency on drugs. This is thought to prevent a future relapse. However, there are no scientific facts to uphold this claim.

Those who work with iboga in a medical settings state that only a solitary dose of the medication is needed for one to enjoy the full benefits it offers. This is why they disagree with those who believe patients will become dependent on it, as it is only given to each client once upon admittance to the rehabilitation center. Studies have indeed shown that the drug contains specific properties that may decrease the number and severity of the patient’s side effects from withdrawal.

However, this did not appear to be the case in patients who had long-term addictions to narcotics or opiates. Additional research will likely be conducted to determine why there appears to be a difference between the drug’s therapeutic effects for short-term substance abusers and those who have had such problems for a significant length of time.

Ultimately, those addicted to narcotics must make their own decision concerning ibogaine treatment. In areas where the drug is legal, it is wise for individuals to speak to their family physician about such therapy. Finally, attempting to acquire and use the substance without medical supervision is never a wise course of action.

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