Different Views About Ibogaine Therapy

Ibogaine is a psychedelic drug developed from the iboga plant, the latter of which is native to Africa. It has recently acquired a certain degree of attention from those in the healthcare world due to its potential benefits for those who have battled narcotic or opioid addiction. Offering such therapy to individuals is said to interfere with the person’s addictive behavior.

This interruption of addictive behavioral patterns is thought to work by resetting the individual’s neurotransmitters to their preaddicted state. This in turn is thought to eliminate the person’s craving for his or her drug of choice. As one might suspect, however, the treatment is still quite controversial among traditional healthcare practitioners.

The reason for such skepticism is based on the fact that most of the research that was completed on iboga was not overseen by an unbiased third party. However, certain clients have claimed that the treatment helped them when conventional rehabilitation methods failed. There are certain individuals who state that such testimonies should not be overlooked.

The treatment focuses entirely on changing the state of mind of the person who is struggling with the addiction. The objective is to transport him or her mentally to the period of time before the addiction occurred. It is said that when the person has achieved this state, it is possible for him or her to evaluate personal habits and behavioral patterns from the perspective of a nonaddict.

In addition, people who promote the treatment state that medications manufactured from the iboga plant will also considerably lessen the number of withdrawal symptoms experienced in individuals who are going through rehabilitation. It is believed that this will benefit everyone who undergoes treatment, regardless of the severity of their addiction.

Numerous medicines and drug formulas that are utilized to treat withdrawal symptoms are not helpful with regard to controlling post-treatment cravings. However, those who have used both conventional post-treatment medications and ibogaine, state that the latter help them to feel more in control than the former.

Additional controversy surrounding the use of ibogaine is based on its psychedelic properties. Many medical practitioners have stated that substituting a narcotic opiate with a psychedelic drug is nothing more than trading one addiction for another. This is due to the fact that, similar to narcotic drugs, potential for abuse is a factor for those who use iboga.

For this reason, in almost all areas of the world, healthcare professionals believe that additional research should be conducted concerning the drug’s therapeutic uses. Studies of this kind are generally best completed in a conventional laboratory setting where the effectiveness of the medication can be reviewed in a systematic manner. Because of its psychedelic properties, which are known to cause unpredictable side effects, most countries in the world schedule the drug as a controlled substance. These nations include Switzerland, the United States and Germany.

Due to the drug’s strength and its effect on one’s chemical balances, it must be obtained by prescription only and administered by a medical professional. No one should attempt to manage his or her own treatment or self medicate. Additionally, it is imperative for patients to have appropriate follow-up care after participating in ibogaine therapy.

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