Relief For Bunions New York

One of the most common problems you can experience with your feet is having a bunion. This is a protuberance which develops on the inside of the foot around the joint of the big toe. The problem is more than just this bump as the big toe begins to displace towards the smaller toes, even overlapping in some instances. If you need advice about your bunions New york has experienced podiatrists to consult with.

There are many different reasons why a bunion could develop. Older people are more susceptible. More women than men suffer and there is also a heredity factor. You may inherit a specific foot shape which increases your risk. Wearing shoes that do not fit properly is thought by some to be a cause but in fact this is a myth. Some people who do not wear shoes at all will still get a bunion. Wearing the wrong shoes can definitely worsen the symptoms.

A bunion may form as a result of abnormal motion of the foot while walking. Some people tend to roll their feet inwards as they walk while others may have injuries or bone abnormalities which affect the way they walk. A problem seems to develop when pressure is placed on the big toe joint. This is why many ballet dancers suffer from this condition. Other factors which cause increased probability of developing a bunion are certain neuromuscular disorders or arthritis conditions.

Symptoms include all the usual signs of inflammation such as swelling, redness, and pain. Most of the discomfort is on the inside of the foot behind the big toe. If the toes are overlapping, additional rubbing occurs. Inflammation causes a decrease in motion. If allowed to worsen, the skin over the bunion may become extremely inflamed.

It is important to consult a healthcare professional for a diagnosis as there are a number of other conditions which can have the same symptoms. A medical history will be taken and a physical examination performed. The toe and joint will be examined, checking out the range of motion. This will be done in a sitting position and then standing. X-rays and other tests may need to be done to eliminate other conditions such as gout or an infection. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, advice will be given on treatment.

In the early stages, soaking feet in warm water and vinegar can bring relief. Applying ice may also help. Splints may be used to reposition the big toe. Medication may be prescribed for pain and inflammation.

Most patients are instructed to rest or to put as little stress on their feet as possible. Sometimes simple remedies such as soaking in warm water with vinegar or applying ice can bring some relief. In some cases, physicians will prescribe pain medication. They may even administer a steroid injection to decrease inflammation.

If conservative treatment does not succeed and pain is severe, the bunion may have to be removed by surgery. There are many variations on the operation. Surgeons consider various factors when they choose which procedure to use, such as the age of the patient, the medical history, the findings of the foot examination and the x-rays. If you are considering surgery for your bunions, New York offers many experienced professionals who can assist you.

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