How Facial Moles Develop

The development of facial moles can be attributed to two things. Sunlight is one of the two. Skin aging accelerates when it is exposed to the sun or its ultraviolet rays. People do not like this type of premature skin aging. If the skin gets damaged too much, it could result to skin cancer or melanoma. Thus a lot of research has occurred in the medical field regarding the connection between melanoma, UV rays and mole formation.

One’s genetic makeup is the other one of the two reasons for mole formation. For many of the disease that occur in human beings and for many of the traits that appear in every individual, genetics play an important role. Similarly, if you find the appearance of moles on your body, this will surely have a genetic background. Maybe facial moles are nothing new to your family, particularly your parents and grandparents. The probabilities of skin cancer or melanoma developing is quite high when the moles are confirmed to be hereditary. Treating it would need a lot more care than usual. If possible they can use laser surgery or cryosurgery. You can also choose to apply immediate surgical procedures, excision being one of them.

It is often found that hereditary reasons are to be blamed for the formation of dysplastic nevi. This will lead to the development of hundreds of moles on the body. Consider some of the very large moles; they are considered to be atypical moles. More than 50 of these moles could directly result to melanoma. Therefore, you should keep a close eye on these moles and monitor them constantly.

How are mole formation and the age of the person related? Moles form at a young age in some people. In some cases, they could disappear as they grow older. Those who have a white skin will actually be having more moles. An average of 30 moles could appear. Sometimes, they might even have around 400 moles. The length of the telomere will have a lot to do with the number of moles that will eventually appear in one person.

More moles will be forming if the telomere is very long. The telomere of a person with 10 moles will be considerably shorter than the telomere of a person with 50 moles. The role of telomere is also seen in the ageing process. Technically, moles are skin lesions and they are known as nevi. Not all the moles appear on the skin surface. There are moles that can form underneath the surface. Or they could also be found above the skin surface.

The decision to remove the mole or to allow them to remain on the skin depends on both health as well as cosmetic reasons. If you are after enhancing your beauty and having clear and flawless skin, laser surgery is a good treatment method to choose.

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