Getting Help For ACL Tear NYC Area

The knee has four ligaments that help to keep it stable. When injured, a ligament is often torn. This is often the ACL ligament. The knee gives way and is unstable. It can also be quite painful and be chronic. Getting attention for an ACL tear NYC location is important, as the longer the injury is neglected, the more chance of further injury occurring. Sometimes surgery is required, and sometimes not.

In this type injury, the ligament that is damaged is the anterior cruciate. This one is supposed to give the knee stability. Getting it torn or otherwise injured leads to great pain and instability in the knee. Both children and adults can suffer this type accident. In a child, there is the possibility of damaging a growth plate. For this reason, surgery is no usually done in a child.

This damage can occur in several different ways, but is usually the result of a sports accident. The majority of these accidents happen when an athlete lands incorrectly or turns around too quickly. Playing hard, getting hurt in an automobile accident, falling, and suffering a work-related accident are all common causes as well. Anything that causes a twist to the joint can result in this type damage.

Lots of people think this often happens in football games. It’s a contact injury, they believe. But, in 80% of sports injuries of this type, the injury is due to twisting or jumping and landing wrong. This causes the ligament to be torn, and the knee just give out. A fall may result, causing more damage and pain. It is not normally the result of contact with another body in a contact sport that causes it.

The way a doctor determines if this type injury has occurred is taking a history and examination. The sufferer usually reports feeling a pop when the incident occurs. On examination, the doctor can see swelling and note reported pain. Stress tests can indicate any instability to the knee and indicate a torn ligament. An MRI may also be used to determine if damage has occurred.

It is not always necessary to treat this with surgery. If the person will continue to engage in sports, or has evidence of instability, it may be required to surgically repair it to prevent further damage. A partially torn ligament will not need to be repaired with surgery. Spontaneous recovery is a possibility in some instances, but may still have some instability at times. Being careful of actions performed that may exacerbate the instability will prevent further injury.

Complete repair is usually not a possibility. It usually requires replacing or grafting another ligament or tendon in place of the damaged one. Surgeries are different with different doctors. The differences involve the type of graft used and procedural differences. Thus, one person may experience better results that another one does.

Complications are not common, but can occur when repairing an ACL tear NYC location gives. There is a slight chance of infection. Healing may also never be complete, with some instability, pain and stiffness resulting. With the necessary rehabilitation and follow-up after surgery, over 90% of the patients experience satisfactory healing.

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