The Advanced Techniques Offered By A Cosmetic Dentist

When visiting a cosmetic dentist Glendale AZ locals can now benefit from a number of new options to improve their smiles. Many of them are as cost effective as traditional techniques and in some cases, medical insurers cover all or a portion of care. Whether one is suffering from overcrowded teeth, discoloration or gaps, there is a solution.

Those with teeth that are less straight than they’d wish have several options as solutions. Both gaps and crowding can be resolved with a retainer called Invisalign. The technique is almost invisible and uses clear plastic that can be removed during meals and special events.

Mending overcrowding reduces the chance of gum disease, tooth decay and discoloration. For this reason, most medical insurers pay for the treatments. Invisalign treatment can take between a few months to a couple of years to complete.

For a faster fix, porcelain veneers can mend gaps, overcrowding and discoloration, and occasionally even bite problems. They are responsible for many of the Hollywood smiles seen in movies. The veneers are customized for each patient after the teeth have been filed down slightly.

Veneers take about two weeks to be made, so clients do have a waiting period before they can be treated. They are, for some, fairly expensive on a tooth by tooth basis but only the front 6 teeth are treated. They can reduce the chances of decay and can last a lifetime.

Whitening of discoloration can take place in the office or from home. In office, hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth. It is then activated with a laser, which results in an oxidation of the stains. They can whiten by up to six shades.

The reshaping of the teeth is an option for smaller issues. Those who have sharp or long teeth are ideal candidates. The tooth line is made to follow the line of the lower lip. Since enamel is reshaped, there will be no pain. When treated by a cosmetic dentist Glendale AZ residents should find this option affordable.

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