Pearly Penile Papules or PPP – 5 Therapies For Removal

Pearly penile papules or PPP is a clinical condition of the male genital organs. It has no malignant potential. PPP is characterized by the presence of one or several rows of papules, which are tiny, flesh-colored lumps, that can be found around the circumference of the sulcus or corona of the penis. The condition is a naturally occurring anatomical variant, but it is usually mistaken for warts or a venereal disease. Some men go through life without removing the papules while some men find that there are a variety reasons to do so. Several of these reasons are presented in this article. The different means of treatment are also described.

Freedom from Self-Consciousness

One of the primary reasons why many men with pearly penile papules decide to have the bumps taken off is humiliation. Patients feel a certain degree of apprehensiveness about their condition and nearly all decide to undergo medical procedures mostly for cosmetic purposes. They feel that the condition causes them a certain level of sexual shame and their freedom is somewhat repressed.


Regardless of the fact that the bumps are harmless, they are extremely sensitive. This causes the patient a certain degree of pain and those who experience this usually decide to undergo treatment for their condition.

Curing PPP

Treatment or therapy for PPP is not absolutely necessary and individuals may choose to do nothing about the bumps. Despite this, in several cases, the condition causes sexual shame and influences the individual’s self-esteem. There are numerous choices for treatment and one just has to pick which procedure they are most confident and at ease with.

The carbon dioxide laser procedure is recognized to be the most effectual and commonly accessible treatment. The area to be healed is numbed, and a carbon dioxide laser vaporizes the bumps without injuring the surrounding skin. Discomfort, swelling, and scabbing are normal after the process, but a full recuperation can be seen in two to three weeks.

Excisional surgery involves actually taking out the bumps surgically and closing it with sutures. Local anesthesia is applied. This is unquestionably a more burdensome method of treatment.

Cryotherapy entails the freezing of the papules with liquid nitrogen, which will then result in the papules peeling, blistering or scabbing, and then ultimately falling off. This treatment of removal is not as consistent as the abovementioned methods and there is no assurance that it will yield successful results.

Electrodessication plus curettage requires applying local anesthesia and ordinarily achieves successful results. A particular instrument is used to scrape off the bumps and once accomplished, the area is burned so as to stop the bleeding and seal the wounds.

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