Wear, Tear And Degenerative Arthritis

Wear, tear and degenerative arthritis causes people to move in a stiff, stooped fashion because their bones grate against each other. This is because the thin layer of cartilage that should cover the bones so that they glide against each other with hardly any friction has worn away. Inflammation around the joint causes pain and stiffness.

There are many different types of arthritis and they cannot all be explained by wear and tear. Some young people are arthritic but most victims are old. They may have spent sixty years swinging clubs, pushing gears and twirling steering wheels and the cartilage on their bones has worn away after so many repetitive actions. In the case of people who have played contact sports like rugby or boxing the battering that a body has taken through playing and training may come home to roost in the form of painful and stiff joints.

When the bones are no longer protected adequately pain and stiffness sets in. Obviously the joints that are badly affected are the hands and wrists, the knees and the hips. These are much used. Some people also suffer from arthritic feet. Although the condition is not often psychosomatic it can affect the quality of life experienced by sufferers.

It is unlikely that this condition is brought on by psychological factors but it can have psychological consequences. A woman whose sylph like body attracted men like bees to a honeypot may have to adapt to being apparently invisible as she grows stiff and begins to move painfully.

It is difficult to cure arthritis because cartilage will not easily regenerate, as will bones and skin. Analgesics can be used to alleviate pain but if cartilage is worn away and not replaced the grinding of the bones will continue and the pain will return when the pain killers wear off. It appears that cartilage does not contain the blood vessels that promote healing and may even contain other substances that prevent healing.

The challenges presented by arthritic problems stimulate research into the problems that are becoming more prevalent as populations age. In the first instances people turn to pain killers but these can obviously offer only temporary relief. Some people resort to surgery but such solutions will obviously be expensive and intrusive, with possible side effects.

Side effects may also detract from the use of drastic pain relieving drugs. For this reason some experts advise the use of milder antidotes and changes in lifestyle to ameliorate the symptoms. Obese people are encouraged to excise more and lose weight through a combination of diet and exercise. For those who have problems in the knees or hips these remedies may be advised in order to simply reduce pressure on joints.

Remedies are sometimes sought in the dietary habits of communities which have low rates of affliction. Many people turn to patented medicines sold in pharmacies. Often they are prepared from herbs and substances such as ginger, turmeric and garlic that have been recommended traditionally. Medical experts might dismiss folk medicine but for victims of degenerative arthritis what works is worthwhile trying.

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