Wear, Tear And Degenerative Arthritis

Wear, tear and degenerative arthritis causes people to move in a stiff, stooped fashion because their bones grate against each other. This is because the thin layer of cartilage that should cover the bones so that they glide against each other with hardly any friction has worn away. Inflammation around the joint causes pain and stiffness.

There are many types of arthritis and they cannot all be explained simply with a resigned shrug and muttered explanation of ‘wear and tear’. However, that is a common explanation that is offered to many. For example, physically active right handed people may develop pain in the right wrist from sixty years of swinging rackets and turning steering wheels repetitively. This is simply a matter of cartilage wearing out from prolonged use. It mainly afflicts people of sixty or more years but can also more rarely affect younger people.

Degeneration is part of growing older. Muscles atrophy and joints become inflamed as the cartilage between them erodes. In time the inflammation leads to swelling which causes pain, and eventually stiffness. This condition is not easily faked or imagined. It appears imperceptibly in the body like a slow turning of the season. Victims might at first notice slight signs that become increasingly obvious as time passes.

It is unlikely that this condition is brought on by psychological factors but it can have psychological consequences. A woman whose sylph like body attracted men like bees to a honeypot may have to adapt to being apparently invisible as she grows stiff and begins to move painfully.

Whereas some bodily parts have quite amazing propensity to heal, cartilage does not seem to share this. In fact it may even contain substances that resist healing. There are no blood vessels in cartilage and this may contribute to the slow healing attributes that also make arthritis a difficult condition to cope with, especially as it worsens, gradually.

The challenges presented by arthritic problems stimulate research into the problems that are becoming more prevalent as populations age. In the first instances people turn to pain killers but these can obviously offer only temporary relief. Some people resort to surgery but such solutions will obviously be expensive and intrusive, with possible side effects.

Side effects may also detract from the use of drastic pain relieving drugs. For this reason some experts advise the use of milder antidotes and changes in lifestyle to ameliorate the symptoms. Obese people are encouraged to excise more and lose weight through a combination of diet and exercise. For those who have problems in the knees or hips these remedies may be advised in order to simply reduce pressure on joints.

In the face of western medicine’s impotence to cure degenerative arthritis many people turn to alternative remedies or patented medicines. Various preparations are available in pharmacies. Popular remedies are based on things such as ginger, turmeric and glucosamine. Acupuncture may also be recommended as a way of encouraging the body to heal itself. Many conventional practitioners are dismissive of what they regard as unsubstantiated treatments. However, people in pain cast around for things that work by helping to reduce that pain.

Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints. Find out more about debilitating disease by clicking here!

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