The Main Benefits Of Getting Assistance In Discovering What Is Naproxen

The answer to what is Naproxen is simple, it is part of a group of drugs that are called non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. The purpose of these drugs is to relieve pain by reducing inflammation without the use of steroids. It will reduce the hormones inside of the body that are causing a person pain.

The drug is found in many over the counter medications that are used to treat headaches and arthritic pain, menstrual cramps, and more. There are also prescription strength drugs that contain it and they must be prescribed by a medical professional. Some people should not take this type of drug because of the potential side effects.

Many women have to deal with monthly cramps and headaches during menstruation and it typically helps to ease their suffering. Migraine sufferers also turn to this drug to help their pain go down so that they can make it through the day. Arthritis sufferers are often prescribed this, so that the swelling and associated pains lessen.

This drug has been shown to cause an increased risk of cardiac problems and strokes. Your doctor will tell you if this is something that you must avoid because of possible interactions with your prescribed medications. Depression sufferers who take anti-depressants should also not take it without asking their physician first.

Stomach problems can arise at any time when taking this drug and the risk seems to be higher for older adults. You should absolutely contact medical help right away if you suspect something. If stomach and intestinal problems go untreated they may be fatal.

Just like with any other drug, you want to read the package of the pills and all labeling clearly before ingesting it. Speak with your doctor if you take any prescriptions and what is Naproxen going to do in combination with them. You can simply swallow the whole pill with water as directed.

Do you ever wonder: What is Naproxen? You will discover a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine at right now.

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