Top Six Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Options

Rheumatoid arthritis can strike at any stage of life but its primary target is middle-aged men and women. Sadly, it is an incurable condition, which leaves sufferers to find ways to cope with its painful effects. Fortunately, there are several rheumatoid arthritis treatment methods that can be used to bring relief. Though not all treatment options are appropriate or necessary in every case.

Certain types of therapy have been shown to be effective in treating the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Taking part in physical and occupational therapies can work to keep joints flexible. Therapy can involve stretches and exercise that is non-impacting. Another option available is tai chi, which is considered a movement therapy.

Medicines that treat inflammation, offer pain relief and slow the progress of RA, are often used in conjunction with one another. For standard relief one could reach for an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever or anti-inflammatory medication which can help. Other times, combining OTC medication with prescription steroids and or DMARDs will be the course of treatment that is advised. This can be determined by a medical professional.

Altering ones way of life can also aid in relieving painful symptoms that are associated with RA. Things such as being overweight can exacerbate both pain and swelling, causing those individuals to suffer more frequently. Incorporating healthy exercise and diet to get rid of those excess pounds can lighten the load on your joints. For those with and without weight issues another lifestyle change can be found in assistive devices. These are tools that were created to assist RA sufferers with daily activities, such as reaching, walking and standing.

Alternative treatments including, but not limited to, supplements, stress relief, the use of magnets and acupuncture are other popular options. Not all of the alternative options have been proven to work, though that may be in large part due to lack of studies. Some alternatives however, such as omega-3 supplements and acupuncture have been noted for their potential to a RA symptoms.

Another top choice is, things that can be done at home. This includes applying cold or hot packs to affected joints, to reduce swelling and temporarily numb pain. Other options involve getting the blood flowing, to help boost the body’s natural defenses and improve function. This can often be achieved using massage techniques to target tension and stimulate healthy circulation.

Surgery, for most people is a last resort. Surgery may involve joint fusion and or replacement, as well as repairs to tendons damaged by the effects of RA. Rarely does surgery become a treatment option until after other options have been tried or exhausted. However there are instances, typically with more severe cases, when surgery is one of the only options available.

In many cases, the most effective approach is to combine several rheumatoid arthritis treatment options together. Commonly this will involve incorporating a combination of medical and physical therapies. However, not all cases are the same, so it is important that treatment is based on an individuals, specific needs. We can talk to your doctor to find out which treatment options are right for you.

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