Rheumatoid Factor Testing For Diseases

The Human immune system contains fighting proteins called antibodies. These antibodies help keep the body strong and healthy by destroying bacteria and other potential threats to the immune system. Having a rheumatoid factor, or RF level, present in the bloodstream can cause the immune system to function improperly.

Rheumatoid factors are parasitical antibodies that attach and bind themselves to healthy antibodies. The RF tend to concentrate on destroying the soft tissue in the host body. When the immune system attempts to destroy the RF antibodies, the once healthy antibody that has been bound to it is also destroyed which starts to wreak havoc in the system.

The most common disease resulting from elevated RF levels is Rheumatoid Arthritis, also known as RA. Because RF can be detected and measured in blood serum, tests can be run to determine just how much the body has been infected. Liver disease, lupus and several infectious diseases like hepatitis, syphilis and tuberculosis may also be determined with the help of a test to indicate RF levels in a body.

People with a family history of various Rheumatic conditions, including RA, can benefit from testing the RF levels in their blood. The tests could give an early enough warning of the disease onset that preventative treatment could be administered. The test may also indicate how advanced the disease has become. While helpful, the RF levels are not the only factor used to diagnose a disease.

Not everyone shows RF levels in a way that is helpful to physicians. For instance, only about eighty percent of adults with RA will have elevated RF levels, and even fewer children will show any. Some people who are afflicted with an autoimmune disease will have little to no RF levels in their bloodstream at all. The inconsistency makes it imperative that doctors consider all the symptoms before making a diagnosis of autoimmune disease based on RF level tests.

In an individual with a normal, healthy immune system, RF is usually not present at all. Occasionally a perfectly healthy person will return test results with some RF level present though they have no disease. This is most common in healthy people who have family members with RA since it is often suspected to be a hereditary disease that may skip several generations.

People who do exhibit high levels of RF are at greater risk of developing additional rheumatic disease conditions that are not related to joint damage. Rheumatoid nodules, small lumps that form just under the skin and near damaged joints, may appear. The nodules may or may not be painful. Some people may even experience Rheumatoid lung disease which does damage to the lung tissue while often exhibiting no outward symptoms other than a very slight wheezing.

Determining the rheumatoid factor in the bloodstream can help physicians make proper determinations on whether or not a patient has a rheumatic or infectious disease. Though false readings are sometimes received, these tests are very useful. Elevated RF levels could indicate several serious conditions.

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