Learn the Indications of Arthritis in Fingers

There are many forms of arthritic illnesses and this could affect several joints in the body. One of the most predisposed parts of the body is the hand, as it consists of many joints. You would determine if you are suffering from arthritis in fingers in case you are experiencing the signs of the problem. In case you are unaware of it, the most common symptoms of arthritis conditions in fingers are the following:

* Pain: this is regarded as the most common sign of arthritis in fingers. In the beginning, pain in the hands and fingers may develop as a burning sensation. You will notice that you are going through pain after extended use of the fingers, such as following a game of golf or playing the piano. When the problem advances, the cartilages within the finger joints begin to break down, thereby allowing the bones to rub towards one another. When this happens, you can encounter having severe pain in your fingers and hands and this could even wake you up from a deep sleep. Occasionally you may have problems doing normal activities as a result of serious pain.

* Swelling: when you are afflicted with arthritis conditions in your fingers, your hands might seem enlarged and swollen. Recurrent use of the fingers can worsen the swelling and this can irritate the joints in the hand. Your fingers may look like a sausage and this can also restrict the normal functions of your fingers.

* Warmth: swelling resulting from arthritis ailments could cause the skin that protects your joints feel hot. Warm sensations can also be followed by tenderness, pain and swelling on the afflicted joint.

* Grinding: what causes arthritis in fingers could be the excessive use of it. When suffering from finger arthritis, you might hear or experience a crushing feeling when performing activities with the use of your hands. The reason is the cartilage in between the finger joints begins to wear away while the problem advances. When this occurs, the bones on the fingers remain unprotected, thus causing the bones to rub against each other. As a consequence of this, rubbing, grating or grinding feeling may be encountered and this is known as crepitation. This feeling is often associated with moderate to extreme pain in the affected finger joints.

* Cysts: when you develop an arthritis affliction at the end joints in the fingers, you will notice that you are starting to acquire cysts within the affected joint too. The cyst may appear like a small fluid-filled sac and as a raised lump on the affected finger. In case you begin developing cyst around the afflicted joint, the nails of your fingers could become dented or ridged.

These are some of the most prominent indications of arthritis you must keep in mind. If suffering from the problem, ensure that you speak with your medical doctor for the proper clinical diagnosis of the problem. You should also seek the advice of your health care provider concerning the different causes of arthritis along with the treatments intended for it. You can also do a research over the web for more information about the condition.

For additiaboutal data about arthritis caboutditiabouts or arthritis in fingers, just visit your physician for assistance. From here you may also further understand the symptoms of arthritis in fingers.

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