How To Treat Basal Joint Arthritis

Hi there. If you are wanting some information on basal joint arthritis, I’m guessing it is because you suffer from this affliction and are looking for good ways to treat the pain, and even find a cure for it. Treating the pain of your basal joint arthritis can be tough, but you can do it successfully with the correct methods, which I will help you out with in this article.

A couple of years ago I suffered from basal joint arthritis, so I understand how you feel and where you are at. My right hand would always be aching, and it’s amazing how much you take your hands for granted and don’t realize how important they are when everything is fine. On bad days I couldn’t do the simplest things such as open a door, pick up a cup, or open a jar. Arthritis in your thumb really can affect many areas of your life.

I was searching on the internet for some information on basal joint arthritis, and found some very helpful ideas that really helped me cure my arthritis. And they were ideas that were never mentioned by my doctor. It seemed like all the treatment options he gave me were focused on managing the pain, rather than fixing the problem.

I tried all the medications that are usually prescribed for arthritis, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, but they are only useful for lessening pain if it isn’t too bad, and they definitely won’t cure arthritis.

My doctor also told me to use a splint on my hand. This did help out the pain a little as I wasn’t able to move my hand around, however I have since learned that by immobilizing your hand all the time your arthritis can become more severe.

Surgery is another option my doctor talked to me about. Surgery is always a very drastic measure to take for anything. Surgery also came with the risk of causing other problems in my hand, such as making it numb for the rest of your life.

If you really want to cure basal joint arthritis, you need to start treating the cause of the problem, and not merely the symptoms of the problem. The best way to do this is through changing your diet and eating foods that counter the arthritis.

Here are a few ideas of foods that you should add to your diet to fight against basal joint arthritis. Try to eat peas as well as other legumes. They have a high zinc content which will help you out a lot.

Try to eat nuts tat are not salted. This will act as an anti-inflammatory.

Another food item that helps with inflammation is green lipped mussel extract. It is very good for basal joint arthritis.

When you eat nutrients that reverse basal joint arthritis, and stop focusing on just trying to stop the pain with unnatural methods such as medication, the effects will give you a pleasant surprise, as you notice your arthritis getting better and better.

Georgia Sutton used to suffer from basal joint arthritis, she found a good way to remedy the condition, and never have to worry about it again. Learn how she did it by checking out her site.

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