Eliminate Gout Arthritis with Medicines and Natural Home Remedies

The signs of gout can be revealed through physical exam and blood testing. For severe cases of the affliction, x-rays are sometimes conducted in order to discover the extent of injury in the joint. NSAID drugs are usually given in order to manage the pain with drugs, such as colchicine. In more severe cases, corticosteroids are administered for cure. This could be consumed orally or injected to the impacted joint.

For gout relief, there are many drugs that may be advised like allopurinol and probenecid. Allopurinol is effective in maintaining the regular production of uric acid whereas probenecid helps to ensure faster elimination of uric acid in the body. On the other hand, you should know that these drugs have unwanted side effects and cannot be taken for a long period. As soon as the ailment decreases, it would be advisable to opt for natural remedies instead. Among the natural remedies that the individual can go for are the following:

Foods to Eat

There are some foods that ought to be consumed regularly to avoid repeated gout episodes. Vitamin C contained in Indian gooseberry, citrus fruits and green vegetables are all effective in reducing inflammation because of gout. Natural components of banana can also help facilitate the faster elimination of uric acid deposit within the body. Sufferers may also resort to vegetable juices made from cucumber and carrots.

Foods to Prevent

Foods that includes high amount of purine must be prevented, as these can trigger gout attacks. The foods that should be omitted from the diet regime are lean meat, creamy sauce, organ meat, shellfish, alcohol and dried peas.


When suffering with gout arthritis, it is very important to make certain that eight or ten servings of water is drank every day in order to alleviate the symptoms of the problem. Water can help get rid of toxic uric acid within the body and stabilize its level.

In addition to the ones mentioned previously, there are natural substances that is found at home which can be employed to relieve pain caused by gout ailment. Some of the well-known gout relief home remedies include the following:

* Epsom Salt – when dealing with gout in foot, one can utilize Epsom salt footbath for efficient results. Just pour some warm water in a bowl, put two cups of the salt in it and soak the affected foot. Try this twice a day for effective relief.

* Mustard Seeds – ground some mustard seeds in fine powder and create a thick paste from this by adding water. Simply apply the paste to the affected joint and leave it there during the night for comfort.

* Castor Oil – this is probably the most widely used cures against gout conditions. To apply castor oil, simply get a piece of flannel cloth and dip it in warm castor oil. Position the cloth in the afflicted joint and cover it with plastic. You could add heat by utilizing heating pads in the cloth.

The moment the solution for the condition began, this will assure faster recuperation from gout arthritis. These treatments can also help prevent additional deposit of uric acid on the joints and reduce the frequency of the attacks.

If you are experiencing gout arthritis, knowing the most effective gout relief immediately is important in order to soothe the pain sensation as a result of condition. For more concerns on gout in foot, you could consult your medical doctor or do a research on the web.

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