Common Psoriatic Arthritis Signs

Psoriatic arthritis is known as a variety of arthritis that could impact people with severe skin problem called psoriasis. This is the development of flaky, think and red patches on the skin which can be very painful. Experts say, some individuals commonly develop psoriasis first and as the condition progresses, psoriatic arthritis will develop. Then again, the arthritic ailment may start to develop even before lesions on the skin start to show up. Therefore, when you are already going through psoriasis, you should also be familiar with the side effects of the situation including psoriatic arthritis. The prevalent psoriatic arthritis symptoms usually include the following:

Joint Pain

Specialists stated that there are a variety of patterns for joint pain. The mildest type of the illness is known as asymmetric psoriatic arthritis and typically impacts a fewer number of joints within the body. Symmetric psoriatic arthritis, however, may affect more than five joints on either sides of the body, while spondylitis can result in pain on the backbone, the neck and the lumbar region. In line with research, a lesser number of individuals have arthritis mutilans, which can be considered as the most painful and most intense kind of psoriatic arthritis.

Even though the pain in the joints is a very common symptom of the condition, psoriatic arthritis diagnosis is still required especially if the affected individual began experiencing pain after the development of skin spots. For the joint pain, the physician may prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications or NSAIDs and DMARDs or disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs to handle the pain sensation.


Experts say, people experiencing this condition can experience joint swelling. This generally happens considering the fact that psoriatic arthritis is recognized as an autoimmune disease in which the immune system of the body strikes healthy tissues and cells. No causes are found for this but experts are convinced that it may be caused by genes. For the inflammation, medical doctors may suggest NSAIDs and DMARDs as well.

Warmth and Tenderness

Tenderness and warmth in the impacted joints are unwanted effects of the condition as well. Warm joints frequently take place due to the chemical signs that can cause the arteries to widen, create and release heat in the impacted joint. Furthermore, inflammation can result in abnormal fluid production in the joints, consequently causing the sensory nerves within the skin and the surrounding tissues to stretch out. Applying further pressure on the joint will result to tenderness.

Sufferers can experience these indicators as a consequence of psoriatic arthritis. Keep in mind that psoriatic arthritis is devastating which is why immediate medical diagnosis and treatment is important to avoid the condition from affecting the affected individual’s normal routines. Furthermore, besides medications, patients can also choose natural home remedies against the ailment. However, the administration of natural remedies should still be done under the supervision of the doctor.

Psoriatic arthritis is just one of the many varieties of arthritic conditions. Back arthritis is yet another common arthritic condition that men and women must be knowledgeable of. Regarding symptoms of arthritis in back, doing research or talking to your doctor is required. This helps men and women avoid the ailment or learn to take care of the illness in case impacted by it.

There are more than a hundred types of arthritis and one of them is psoriatic arthritis. If experiencing psoriatic arthritis symptoms consulting a doctor immediately can be very helpful, since this can also help you understand psoriatic arthritis prognosis for the appropriate remedy for the disease.

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