Most Common Medical Malpractice Cases

Taking just a small number of different forms, medical malpractice cases are focused upon which medical care standard was not followed by the doctor or hospital.

The types of cases fall into deficient diagnosis, poor treatment, and unnecessary injuries. We will describe these cases so that you will know them when you encounter them. It’s worth noting that one kind of malpractice case often turns into another, worse case as time goes on.

These three types of medical malpractice cases do not comprise the entire spectrum, but they deal with the mainstream of medical malpractice cases brought to trial in the United States. Most countries that try these cases do experience the same medical errors.

1. Faulty Diagnosis

The bulk of medical malpractice cases fought in court or brought to settlement outside of court concern mistaken diagnosis of the illness or condition. Erroneous diagnosis is often the case when a doctor or assistant:

–Does not perform enough medical tests or performs the wrong tests prescribed for the condition

–Does not correctly interpret the results of tests that have been carried out

Because of this medical negligence, the patient does not have a proper idea of what their condition really is, so they don’t know why they are experiencing discomfort. If you have a hunch that faulty diagnosis is the domino that can start a continuous chain reaction of errors, you would be proven right more often than not.

2. Improper Treatment

Often following a bad diagnosis, the second most frequent occurrence of medical malpractice cases concerns incorrect treatment of the patient’s condition. It’s difficult to treat the patient well if the diagnosis was wrong. Incorrect treatment is the indication when the physician or nurse:

–Recommends prescriptions that do not suit the patient’s illness

–Executes treatment options that do not suit the patient’s condition

Although this sounds bad, incorrect treatment usually does not blow up into full-on medical malpractice cases. More often than not, the incorrect treatment just does not do anything at all for the patient. When medical negligence is not the case, the doctor may be trying different treatments just to narrow the scope of treatment and rule out certain ailments.

If you suspect that you are the victim of improper treatment, then first discuss your concerns with your doctor. If you don’t get satisfaction, then consider talking to a medical malpractice lawyer.

3. Unjustifiable Injury

The last of the most frequent medical malpractice cases regards unjustifiable injury while undergoing a treatment regimen prescribed and/or supervised by a doctor. It is hard to avoid this calamity if the patient was also an unknowing victim of a bad diagnosis or inappropriate treatment, as they both increase the odds of harmful malpractice.

This can be hard to hear, but injuries to occur under regular, everyday medical treatment. The healthcare provider might not be liable for the damage if the provider:

–Performs within a certain set of standards- the generally accepted standards of care

–Informs the patient about risks and issues of the recommended treatment option at the start

These guidelines are not supposed to let the doctors off the hook, mind you, but they are in place so that risky treatments can be tried with the full consent and fore knowledge of the patient. Accidents do happen even with the best of intentions and capabilities.

If you suspect malpractice and a doctor has caused you unwarranted injury due to medical negligence, then first discuss your concerns with your doctor or other healthcare professionals.

It is your right and your option to consult other medical personnel that are familiar with your conditions whenever you are in doubt about your doctor’s recommendations. After you have exhausted those paths, you might want to talk with a medical malpractice lawyer.

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